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Spanish Can Take You Places

From the Teotihaucan pyramids in Mexico to Machu Picchu in Peru. From a cacao plantation in Caribbean to the rugged Chilean coast. This summer, Spanish can take you all these places and more.

El español es más que solo España! Did you know? In addition to CIEE’s five amazing destinations in Spain, we offer language programs in four other Spanish-speaking countries as well. So while you’re perfecting your conversational skills you can immerse yourself in the culture of Chile (Valparaiso), the Dominican Republic (Santiago), Mexico (Guanajuato), or Peru (Cusco). Take your pick!

Here’s a fun fact: More people in the world speak Spanish than English.

It’s the second-most widely spoken language in the world (after Mandarin Chinese), and the official language of 21 countries. If you’ve already traveled to one of these countries, you’ll be fascinated by the subtle differences in dialect from one Spanish-speaking country to the next. 

Where can Spanish Take You?

...on cultural excursions!

Climbing the Inca Trail to the Sun Gate at the top of Machu Picchu (Peru)
Mexico_AL5A1A0960 (2)
Trekking to the pyramids in Teotihaucan (Mexico)
19237_Study Abroad_Santo Domingo_Organic Coffee Farm in Bonao (1)
Sampling fresh cacao on an organic farm (Dominican Republic)


Getting real, touring city street art (Chile)

...on culinary adventures!

Churros! (Dominican Republic)
Preparing lomo saltado (stir-fried beef with onions, vinegar, ginger, chili pepper, tomatoes and fried potatoes). (Peru)
Baking empanadas and pastel de choclo (corn pie) followed by our favorite postres: flan, ice cream, meringue, and two kinds of huesillo con mote (a typical peach dessert). (Chile)
Guac cook-offs! (Mexico)

There are so many options outside of Spain to practice your Spanish! Learn more at ciee.org/highschoolsummer. Applications are still open for Summer 2018!


Taller de Xilografia

This week marks our last week of Art lessons. We worked with different tools and carved onto  a piece of wood to create art. The kids were challenged but had fun!


IMG_5062 IMG_5062 IMG_5062


Saturday morning we all got up bright and early to meet with a group of appox. 50 high school and university students with one purpose. Cleaning Valparaiso. We set off to help clean up and brighten a small area that doesn't receive as much care in Chile. All kids had a blast and were all working hard. Most (if not all) kids left a small mark on a wall they painted. 




Esfera Making

This past Friday a small group of us ( people who didn't want to bike) went to a class to learn about making yarn ornaments. Kids had the opportunity to work with other Chilean kids and practice their Spanish along the way.


Gastronomic "Tour" of Chile

On Tuesday morning, the students met at Instituto Técnico Profesional Marítimo in Cerro Playa Ancha for a cooking class.  It is a technical high school that offers a four-year career in Gastronomy.  We were divided into 5 groups, each led by a fourth-year student, to prepare a distinct appetizer, main course, and dessert.  


DSC_0626  DSC_0639


We learned about the importance of fresh ingredients in Chilean cuisine.  It was a great opportunity to work with some uniquely Chilean products and to learn about typical dishes, such as "cazuela" (a chicken stew), ceviche, empanadas, "pastel de choclo"(corn pie) , and lots of seafood (including "cochayuyu"--seaweed!). 



Of course, we saved the best for last--dessert!!  Our postres included flan, ice cream, meringue, and two versions of "huesillo con mote" (a typical peach dessert).  



We also got to see first hand how a professional kitchen works; the importance of being organized, keeping track of time, and finally, presentation. It wasn't easy, but the groups worked very diligently to prepare a great meal!


Thank you again to our wonderful student leaders and of course, Miguel and Jan Carlos, the lead professors.  It truly was one of of our favorite experiences in Valparaíso.  


Volunteer work at Ludoteca Minga Valpo

Last Friday we headed to Cerro Merced, a zone of Valparaíso that was effected by a major fire in 2010.  The area is still in the process of re-building. Our destination was Ludoteca Minga Valpo, a non-profit after-school center for the neighborhood children.  The ludoteca is constructed of natural, sustainable materials (soil, hay, repurposed glass) and utilizes eco-friendly architecture practices.  


In order to help advance the project, we divided into groups to work in the garden--weeding, cleaning, building flower boxes, etc.  Other groups also worked with the children to learn a song in Spanish/English and to prepare the afternoon snack. We worked side-by-side with Valparaíso natives as well as a group of international volunteers.


The kids were very dedicated to making a difference in the community. We were impressed with how much was accomplished in only a few hours!


We also learned that in Chile a "Minga" is an event in which the community comes together to complete a project.  Per tradition, we finished the afternoon with good food and song.  


Valle del Elqui

This weekend we visited Valle del Elqui which is in the fourth region of Chile!

The kids had a blast and also did many activities including: Biking/hiking, Visiting museums, learning about poet and Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral, Her tomb and many (many) artisan shops!

Lets not forget the amazing opportunity 
we had to meet Roberto Bravo! Roberto is a very famous and well know pianist from Chile. He just happened to be staying at the same hostel we were at and gave us a free concert!  IMG_0079

Baile de Rapa Nui

Today half of the kids had the chance to learn about Easter Island and Rapa Nui at the Museo Fonck.  Each move had a cultural meaning and the dances told a story. Our instructor taught us a lot and also painted our faces with Rapa Nui symbols. It was such a great experience to learn so much through dances and paintings about Easter Island.  IMG_0047

Art Workshop #2

Half of the kids went to their second art workshop this week. They created a book out of one piece of paper. All the students collected scraps of paper from their time here and also made cuts from magazines. Others created their books all by hand! We truly have some artsy students here! Each student created a mini book and everyone will get to keep a copy of it to remember their friends.




Graffiti Tour

Half of our kids took a tour to visit some of the grafitti (art murals) around Valpariso.  IMG_8074