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Student Profile: Anya Fonstein

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So far my experience with CIEE has been phenomenal. Rabat is a beautiful city, and though I admit it wasn't always easy for me to find my way around, with every passing day I become more comfortable with the city and asking people for directions in Darija. One of the nice things about the way this program is structured is that we get free time after classes, and on Sundays we have the whole day to plan activities. Last Sunday I went with some friends to go kayaking on the Oued Bou Regreg river in Salé and afterwards we took a boat to a beach in rabat. The beaches were stunning and we got some amazing photos. I am eager to continue exploring Rabat to fully experience all this amazing city has to offer! #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee

Student Profile: Yosef Ellis-Rech

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 10.08.54 PM

Living up in Morocco but still had to get some push ups in. Glanz was coaching me up because as you can see my form was sub par. #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee

Student Profile: Zachary Federman

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Whether it be thriving in the exciting and quick paced classroom, staying in my warm and loving home in Salé, or frolicking on lively streets of Rabat under the heat of the sun, I have loved every moment of my time in Morocco. Most prominently, I am so excited to see myself grow more comfortable with Darija in the upcoming weeks. My incentive for language learning has evolved into a drive to learn not only for the sake of learning, but also a deep desire to communicate further and more effortlessly with my host family that has welcomed me with open arms. This has happened in ways that I did not and could not anticipate, a trend I'm sure will only continue over the course of my stay in this wonderful city. #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee

Student Profile: Samantha Santana Rodriguez

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So far my experience here in Morocco has exceeded all expectation I had prior to my trip. There's so much that makes this country amazing: the beautiful architecture, breath taking views of the beach, the street vendors filling the streets by night, and not to mention the warm loving Moroccan locals. The great energy from my teachers and peers has only further inspired me to continue learning FusHa and Darija. I hope the remainder of my trip comes with more knowledge and more unforgettable memories. #globalnavigators#Studentsofciee

Student Profile: Max Hoffman


Max on why he came to Morocco:

I came to Morocco to discover new things. I wanted to get as far away from home as possible. So far, it has been exactly what I had expected. I've loved learning about the interesting culture and the language. I'm having a lot of fun and I am looking forward to the rest of the trip. Oh and add me on snapchat @mhoffman44. #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee

Student Profile: Tianah Nguyen

Tianah outside the tomb of Mohammad V (Darih) - the only place where you can take pictures with the royal gaurds

Tianah talks about her feelings after one week in Morocco:

Before coming here I expected to be really anxious since I'd be in a whole different world than the one I'm used to. I was nervous at first but when I came here everybody was so warm and welcoming. It's only been a week but I already feel like I've lived here for several. My host family is absolutely amazing and made me feel at home from the start. I love spending time with them and practicing my Darija at home. Morocco is absolutely beautiful and I'm so grateful to be able to live this life changing experience! #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee

Student Profile: Jace Guy

Jace poses on top of a pillar that used to support a mosque from the 12th century. The mosque was later destroyed by an earthqauke. In the background is the tomb of former king Mohammad V.

This photo was taken during a tour of Rabat. Jace shares some of her first thoughts about her experience:

Okay so the last thing I didn't think would happen when I got to Morocco, it happened. I got sick the first week, and caught a fever. It sucked but during the process it was interesting. I progressed slowly but surely in both fosha and derija Arabic; I had to figure out how to ask for certain things or relay a message that my host family understood. My host family treats me as their own, and I learn much from them. I've only been here 3 days and it's filled with so much culture and unique people. I'm too busy living in the moment to think about there being an end to this program, but when it does end I will take my experience with me; I WILL BE BACK.
#globalnavigators #studentsofciee


Student Profiles


THE Rabat PLs want to share student stories with the broader study abroad community. Every student has a different study abroad experience, so we will be featuring individual profiles every day on the program blog and instagram.

Our first profile is of Zach Glanz: 

In only three days, I've been met with a warm welcome and have been influenced by a strong desire to learn Darija and Arabic in addition to the beautiful culture. I didn't know what to expect coming here, but nonetheless this experience has thus far exceeded all expectations. My smile in the picture is representative of my happiness since landing in Casablanca.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 11.10.17 AM

Learning the Basics

After settling in with their host families, students had their first day of classes. They are learning Standard Arabic and Moroccan dialect in the morning. Into the community activities and cultural excursions reinforce the course work. These activities also give students a unique opportunity to interact with locals on the street. Yesterday we captured a few candid moments.


After the first day of classes students joined their cultural buddies in a park to practice asking questions in Moroccan Arabic. They played games and shared some snacks. This afternoon we are headed to the beach for more fun and games!


Hello, Goodbye


Session 1 came to a close on Friday, July 7. Students took their oral proficiency exams, did some last minute shopping in the medina, and joined their cultural peers for an unforgettable dinner at Dar Naji. Everyone exchanged goodbyes and let out a few good cries. The students also performed a song to show their appreciation. The group flight back to the states departed the next day, while the center prepared for the next group of students.

Student saying goodbye to program leaders

Session two students arrived on different flights on Sunday and spent a night with their host families. Today, we will meet the whole group together and lead an orientation. The orientation provides students with logistical and cultural information they'll need to make the most of their experience.

Session 2 students arrive in Casa

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