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Student Profile: Piper Neulander


In only three weeks I've been met with a warm welcome and have been influenced by a strong desire to learn Darija and Fusa in addition to the beautiful culture. I didn't know what to expect coming here, but nonetheless thus far this experience has exceeded all expectations. My smile in the picture is representative of my happiness since landing in Rabat. #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee #cieerabat #ciee

Student Profile: Edil Mohamed

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Hiking to God's Bridge, jumping off a cliff into ice cold water, and getting lost for an hour in Chefchaouen was the highlight of my weekend. I think I've finally accomplished more than Assad and "his" produced album. Besides that point, Morocco has opened so many doors for me that I would not have been able to enter if I spent my summer in good ole Boston. My darija has improved by a lot with the help of my classmates and host family. I'm so grateful for the experiences I've had and I'm looking forward to the ones to come in the future. #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee #ciee#cieerabat

Student Profile: Georgia Green

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As we begin our last week in Morocco, I find myself amazed by how much I have grown through this experience. Over the last three weeks, I've learned more Arabic than I would have ever thought possible in such a short period of time. Not only have I developed a solid understanding of the language here in Morocco, but I have learned so much about the culture and people too. I believe the friendships I've made on this trip will last a lifetime, and getting to know the cultural peers and hearing about their lives has been truly eye opening. Being able to do things like visit Chefchaouen, tour the Hassan II mosque, or simply spend time with my host family has created memories that are impossible to forget. I'm so excited to see what the next week has in store, and I will be cherishing every minute of it. #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee #ciee#cieerabat

Final Excursion - Casablanca

Session 2 students just began their last week of classes. They'll present their final projects at the end of the week and then fly back to the States, where they can reflect on their experience and the memories they created in Morocco - birthday celebrations with new friends, hiking in the mountains, visiting historical sites, and trying new foods.

Their final trip was to Casablanca, known as Morocco's business capital. We visited Hassan II mosque and Morocco Mall, both symbolic of Morocco's role as one of Africa's major religious and economic hubs. 

Posing in front of zlij (Moroccan tiles) and a fountain at Hassan II mosque

Student Profile: Nicolette Beguerisse

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What can I say about Morocco? I mean words can't exactly describe my experience and everyone is truly different. What I can say is that this country has made me see how other people around the world live. Within 3 short weeks I was able to get a feel of the culture for myself. The people are extraordinary and always ready to help. The language, although difficult, has been fascinating to practice and learn to write. I will never forget this experience with all the wonderful people have met and yet to meet. #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee#ciee #cieerabat

Student Profile: Leo Wall

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Looking back on these past two weeks in Morocco, I am amazed by the amount of things I have learned and seen. One of the best parts of this opportunity has been getting to live with a host family and practice my Darija every day. This past weekend, we had an incredible time in Chefchaouen. The picturesque blue walls and architectural embellishments created the perfect setting for a relaxing weekend in the Rif Mountains. While we were there, I got to take a carpet weaving class and hike to God's Bridge, both of which are experiences I will never forget. I can't wait to see what these next two weeks have in store. #globalnavigators #cieerabat #ciee#Studentsofciee

Student Experience: Melanie Veliz


This past week has been a combination of exploring and trying new things, in both actions and speaking. My host siblings and I went to the mall where I got to ice skate, which was extremely nerve racking. Besides that my host sister took me shopping, where she showed me some traditional pieces of clothing like blga , colorful slippers for men, and qftaan, long jeweled dresses for women.

With our group, we visited a museum funded by the king’s sister called Dar Belghazi. It was filled with artifacts of war clothing, traditional wedding attire, and even household objects that came from several different regions. The museum gave me a clear picture of the culture that Morocco inhabits.

As far as the classroom went, we learn about directions, clothing, colors, and several phrases used for bargaining. One of the first words I remember learning this past week was always which is dima in darija and daa’iman in fustla. A phrase that I remember is hal 3indak or wesh 3ndk which means do you have? This comes in handy when at stores when I’m looking for water, lma, or a certain piece of clothing. And when it comes to clothing, lately I’ve been looking for kswa and jupa, especially for the upcoming hot days.  

Now that I’ve been able to explore more, I think that I’ve become more comfortable with speaking. I’ve gotten better with this through the cultural activities, ordering food at lunch, and in the taxi drives to school and back home. Another goal I have for the upcoming weeks, is be able to hold a more fluent conversation with a teacher or even with a local about what they enjoy most about Morocco.

Group Trip to Chefchaouen

Over the weekend we took students to Morocco's 'blue pearl', the city of Chefchaouen. It is known for its blue painted buildings and proximity to amazing hiking trails in the Rif Mountains. 


After a delicious dinner at sunset, students had some free time to explore the city. The next morning they went on a hike along a rocky river with lots of water falls and took a dip in the icy water.


Later in the day, students toured the city and saw the sunset from the Spanish mosque, built by the military during colonial rule. It sits on a hill overlooking the city.


On Sunday, students worked alongside locals in different artisan workshops. Many of the shops still sell leather, metal, and cotton products that are made by hand. 


Here, students pose with the craft they made by hand with the help of a professional weaver.


Student Profile: Maia Mongado

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I only arrived in Morocco a week ago, and already I've had dozens of new, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I've explored the Old Medina, gone to the beach, met countless friendly locals, and had bnin food. My family has been incredibly warm and welcoming. I've also learned Darija, both in and out of class, and met other incredible people just as eager to learn about the culture. I can't wait to see what the next 2 1/2 weeks bring! #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee

Student Profile: Noor Fatima

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From the moment I first visited CIEE's website, I knew I wanted to go to Morocco to learn Arabic. The excitement buzzing through my veins only grew as I explored more and more about the country and it's rich culture. Not only has coming to Morocco improved my language and communication skills, it has also challenged me in ways I couldn't imagine. I know for a fact that I will come out stronger, braver, and merrier than before. I can't wait to share Morocco's deep history and delicious food with everyone else. #globalnavigators #Studentsofciee