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Spending the Day in San Jose

We're finally all here and have been enjoying walking around San Jose all day. The group visited the national museum, explored the city's architecture, shopped for native fruits at the central market, and learned about the pros and cons of urbanization. The girls are working on their survival Spanish and getting custom to the local cuisine. Currently everyone is working in groups with local Costa Rican girls on their ecological footprints. Tomorrow we get on a bus and head out to Sierpe followed by Corcovado. We will be away from Wifi for survival days but will post again as soon as we can. For now, Buenos Dias y Adios por Costa Rica! Image

Costa Rica Here We Come!

We are one day away from beginning our adventure in Costa Rica. Ten years ago as a high school senior I was given the opportunity to go on a similar trip to Costa Rica. This picture is me back in high school. I cannot be more thrilled to be going back and bringing a few of my students a long for the journey. The best part is we get to meet so many other girls and teachers from across the country as we spend three weeks together exploring and learning about biodiversity and sustainability. I am so excited to finally get there and I cannot wait to meet everyone else. Costa Rica here we come! Scan0053