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Session II: Week I

Bon bini! Welcome to Bonaire session II !

We've had a full week so far!!! We kicked things off with a tour of the South of the island. We also completed a night snorkel, danced in an unexpected rain storm, and went to the beach. We have also been doing a lot of snorkeling, and have completed our first set of skills dives.

On Friday, the students kayaked in the Mangroves on the southern part of the island.

Here are some pictures of our kayaking adventure!


Below, Eva and James take a selfie on their kayak!




The morning kayak group pictured below: Sharlino, Nikki, Erin, Eva, James, Isabel and Justine.


Below is a picture of the afternoon kayak group: Sarah and Katie W. are in the foreground.GOPR0601


Some more pictures from our adventure...








The Last Weekend in Kralendijk!

CIEE Staff member, Nicole S., is visiting Bonaire this weekend and will return home as a program chaperone for the students.

She shared these photos  current photos of the students finishing up their log books for all of their dives and getting ready to receive their PADI Open Water Diving licenses today:

KralendijkStaffVisitNicoleSprague (3)

KralendijkStaffVisitNicoleSprague (7)

KralendijkStaffVisitNicoleSprague (1)

KralendijkStaffVisitNicoleSprague (5)

After these shots were taken, the students received their licenses...under water!!! 

Nicole was impressed by their scientific knowledge of marine life and how enthusiastic they are to continuing diving in the future. She says they certainly have become very conscious of the marine environment. She learned that quickly because they asked what kind of sunblock she was wearing. It helps protect coral reefs if you wear sunscreen that is oxybenxone-free! 

They all, of course, don't want to leave! So they're off to savor their last weekend in Kralendijk! 

Diving, Windsurfing, and Learning Papiamentu!

The students have had an eventful week so far as they make the most of their final days on the island!

On Sunday, the students took the water taxi to Bonaire's small island called Klein. They went on an amazing drift dive, and spent some time playing in the water!

Students on the water taxi!


Later in the day, the students went to the park to hangout with the Junior Rangers! This group of highschoolers is part of STINAPA, the marine conservation organization on Bonaire. 

Below, Jonah and Luc jump for a Frisbee at the park!



A picture of the park, right on the water!


On Monday, the students went on a dive. The will be completing multiple dives this week as they work toward their open water certifications. (underwater pictures to be posted soon!)

Monday night, Suzi Swygert gave an excellent presentation to the students on underwater photography and using underwater photography for science. Below, the whole group is pictured holding two of Suzi's books!



Today, the students snorkeled at Lac Bay, and then went windsurfing!


Tonight, the students just finished up a lesson with Xiomara on Papiamentu - the local language spoken on the island! It is a mixture of Dutch, Spanish, English and Portuguese. 


Bon noche! 

(Good night!)

Mangrove Kayak, Jellyfish and Lionfish Dissections!

This week the students went kayaking through the mangroves in the Southern part of the island.


Beautiful Mangrove forest! 


Below, four of the students admire an Upside Down Jelly Fish (Cassiopeia).


Here is the afternoon group of kayakers! From right to left we have Sarah, Luc, Alex, Ryan, Sophie, Jake, and Program Leaders Dana and Bianca.


The students also watched the collection of box jellyfish. Below, Briana holds a jelly!


Below, Sarah takes a turn holding a box jellyfish!


The students also spent time in the lab dissecting Lionfish, an invasive species here in Bonaire!




A Busy Weekend: Oil Slick and the Park!

On Friday night, the students went on a night snorkel to see the Ostracod spawning!

6 standing oilslick

Ostracod (aka sea fireflies!) are bioluminescent creatures of the sea. About forty-five minutes after sunset, they put on a fireworks display under the water!

While waiting for the sun to set, the students had fun at Oil Slick, a popular dive site.

Oilslick jump

Sophie climbs the ladder after a jump off the rock!

5 sophie

GROUP SELFIE before the show starts!!

2groupselfie (1)

After seeing the spawning, the students stuck around to see jelly fish collections.

Alex holds a jar containing a Box Jelly below.

Alex jarSaturday, the students went for a snorkel at "The Cliff," a dive site with an underwater wall leading to a drop off. That night, they went into town for A Taste of Bonaire.

On Sunday, we toured the Washington Slagbaai National Park.


CIEE Group in the sign-in book!

Cinde teaching

Cinde teaches the students about the Indian inscriptions.

First Week in Bonaire!

Bon bini na Boneiru! Welcome to session I of Bonaire's CIEE high school summer abroad program!

The students arrived last weekend. Here is a photo of the two program leaders and some of the students upon arrival at the Flamingo National Airport of Bonaire.

1a airport

On Sunday, the students went on a tour of the North Island. Here is the first picture of the group all together at Seru Largu!Outlook_group

Next, the students went to the Southern part of the island to see the sun set and the moon rise, all from one vantage point!3 on rock

Students attended local talks on Sharks and Turtles to learn about the importance of conservation. Below, Josh holds shells from a Green Sea Turtle and a Hawksbill Turtle.

7 josh turtles


Meet the Program Leaders for Kralendijk, Bonaire!

This summer, CIEE's High School Summer Abroad in Kralendijk, Bonaire  program for Marine Ecology will be led by the same two Program Leaders for both sessions. We are pleased to introduce Bianca Zarrella and Dana Hergert.



Bianca Zarrella

Bianca is an alumna of a CIEE Program in Bonaire. She studied abroad in Bonaire during her third year of college, which is when and where she found her love for scuba diving, environmental conservation, and tropical islands. Bianca tutored high school mathematics throughout her undergraduate career at Vassar College, where she graduated with a degree in Biology. She is excited to help teach students about coral reef ecology. Her future aspirations include hiking the Appalachian trail, running the Boston Marathon, and attending medical school. Bianca also played field hockey in college, and her family raises Goldendoodle puppies.



Dana Hergert

Dana studied abroad in Bonaire in 2011, while working toward degrees in Marine Biology and Environmental Science at Oregon State University. She currently lives in Bend, Oregon but has been to many other places along the way. She has been backpacking through Honduras, swimming in the fjords in Greenland, climbed into ancient burial caves in Belize, eaten fresh sea urchin in Chile, dived with Manta Rays in Hawaii, stayed on a boat house in the canals of Amsterdam, and traveled through Eastern Europe. Dana's hobbies include anything related to the outdoors--skiing, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, rafting, fly fishing, biking, rock climbing, running, sailing, and more! She also enjoys photography, reading, cooking, sewing, and gardening.