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Meet your Session 2 Program Leader: Katie-Ann Majeski

Hi there! My name is Katie-Ann Majeski and I will be one of the program leaders for the Global Entrepreneurship program in Dublin, Ireland for Session 2.  I just finished my third year teaching English/Language Arts in Charlotte, North Carolina, and this will be my second summer as a program leader with CIEE.  Last summer, I had a great experience with the entrepreneurship program in Berlin, Germany, and I am thrilled to continue this work by traveling to Dublin with this summer's students.  Dublin is one of my favorite cities and I'm looking forward to getting to know it better with you all.  Happy packing and see you all in about a week! 

Katie-Ann Majeski

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Tuesday's events: CBD, Berlin/Dublin check in and LOTS of work perfecting our Seadogs Presentations

Portland GE students opened the day with a conversation about what effective public speaking looks like.  We talked about how to KISS it and the importance of keeping it REAL

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We connected with Berlin and Dublin via Skype (technology is fun when it works!) and traded stories including our favorite new vocabulary terms in the local languages.  

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We got to meet the Berlin groups' mascot 

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Portland students enjoyed listening to stories from their counterparts in Berlin and Dublin


After the Skype check-in students went to work to perfect their presentations for the Seadogs case study.  Groups worked hard and learned a lot along the way - these presentations require students to draw on so many skills:   creativity, courage, public speaking, teamwork, data analysis, graphic design, just to name a few.  Presentations begin at 9:30 AM tomorrow morning and they will be fabulous!!!!

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After lunch we traveled in the magic white school bus to visit Coffee By Design and hear the stories of founders Mary Allen Lindemann and Alan Spear.  Their story inspired us all and gave students new insights into all the facets of running a growing business and the importance of maintaining the integrity of your relationships with business partners, suppliers and all those who contribute to your success.  Students were invited to sample to cold brew ice coffee blends.




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And when it was time to leave students were given a special gift from the owners.  We had a fabulous time and many students were planning to visit the downtown Portland CBD shop the next time we visit the old port.

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Overall a fantastic afternoon and a well-deserved treat after a morning of hard work!

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Dublin week one: innovative solutions

For their first week in Dublin, the Entrepreneurship team was presented with the real-world challenge of designing solutions for the Bohemians football club, Ireland's oldest est. 1890. On Wednesday, students traveled to the Bohs stadium on the north side of Dublin. There they met with Nils, the Bohs marketing director; Ian, a first team player and the club's youth development coordinator; and Chris, from the club's Foundation. Six goals from the club's five year strategic plan were discussed, such as merchandising, membership, social media, and marketing, and then we toured the stadium and facilities.



On Thursday, student teams conducted research on sports in Ireland and then conducted market research surveys around the Dublin City University campus and in the City Centre. By Friday, each student team started designing solutions toward one of the six goals from the Bohs strategic plan.



Saturday, teams offered their solutions in presentations detailing new mission and vision statements, analysis of market research data, strategic solutions, and innovative prototypes.  After each presentation, teams fielded questions from Nils, who was very enthusiastic about incorporating the teams’ ideas.


Dublin Day 2

​What a fantastic day we had today! The morning was spent in orientation where the students all learned about the details of our program. We got to know each other's names and interesting facts about one another. This is one talented and interesting group of students we have here.

After lunch Katie and Mariah led us to the City Center for a walking tour which began on O'Connell Street, and had us all meandering through both the quaint and bustling street of Dublin. As the group came together at Trinity College, students were put in small groups on a city scavenger hunt. It was a great time and the students really learned a lot about Dublin today.
Our adventure was topped off with a wonderful dinner at the Church Restaurant, which is, in fact, a converted church, and we were entertained with bit of traditional Irish music and dance.  
It was a day packed with activity and a great deal of fun for everyone.

(I apologize for the lack of picture... I was having technical difficulties with my pictures but I promise I will post pictures from today ASAP.)

Arrival in Dublin!


CIEE's Global Entrepreneurship Program in Dublin, Ireland kicked off today with airport arrivals and orientation! Students were excited, enthusiastic, a bit jet-lagged, and ready to begin their adventures here. They settled into their dorms at Dublin City University successfully and began to get to know each other for the weeks ahead. The kids shared in the experience of getting caught in their first Irish rainstorm and looking right before crossing the road. They will be ready to get off campus and to explore Dublin's historic city centre tomorrow!