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Farewell from Dublin

As we prepare to begin our journey home tomorrow, we wanted to share a short recap of our adventures in Ireland this summer, courtesy of one of our students, Morgan Perry.  Morgan put together this awesome video that serves as a nice snapshot of some of our many experiences on the program.


We have had an absolutely amazing time with this lively and talented group of students and we will certainly be sad to part ways.  Thank you so much for following along with us on this incredible journey!


More city exploration and a ghost tour

It's a busy week for our global entrepreneurs as they soak up the last few days of their time in Dublin.  We spent the morning in class presenting our pitches for Bohemians F.C. and then enjoyed a little free time to explore the city centre in small groups.  Some students finally worked on their souvenir shopping while others explore new museums and areas of the city that we haven't had a chance to see much of yet.  One group had a great time getting lost (literally) in the expansive National Gallery of Ireland.  

IMG_5294 2  IMG_5290 2  IMG_5296 2
For our evening activity with the group, we boarded a haunted bus for a ghost tour of Dublin.  Students heard many spooky historical tales and we stopped to explore some of the most haunted locations in Dublin: the City Wall of Dublin, Kilmainham Gaol, and Glassnevin Cemetery.  After experiencing the ride first-hand, our entrepreneurs also got to hear a bit about the origins of the business from our driver.  Tourism is an extremely important aspect of the Irish economy, so it has been great to hear about the experiences of so many local business owners who are involved in this field. 

IMG_5306  IMG_5308  IMG_5312
Later in the week, we will be finishing up our biz box projects and fitting in a few more cultural experiences, so stay tuned for the last few updates before we sadly return home this Saturday.  

Another student perspective: Ellia Morse

Many of our students have been engaging in journaling as a means for processing their whirlwind three-week experience.  One student, Ellia Morse, offered to share her experiences from one of our days last week and her response is below: 

    This morning our my group presented plans to set up a food stores in a variety of locations as a project to learn more about setting up a business and the Irish market. My team had the idea of having a coffee shop in the seaside village of Howth and we also looked at hypothetically sponsoring the Gaelic Games club, Beann Eadair there as a way to advertise and also invest in the local community.
    After lunch at Dublin City University we took the bus to the city center and waited to take a Viking splash tour, which was similar to a duck tour. After sampling the  gelato in a nearby shop we boarded the vehicle and took a tour of Dublin city, and learned about its history and origins. For example, did you know that Constance Markievicz was the first woman elected to the British House of Commons and she fought in the Irish Easter uprising against Britain, so there's a statue of her in Stephen's Green park? 
    It was kind of funny to do such a touristic activity but it was so much fun to hear while wearing Viking hats and driving around the city and through the river. 
    That evening we went back to the campus and had breakout sessions. My group focused on cultural intelligence, and how when a business is spread globally you have to be aware and respectful of cultural differences otherwise that can lead to uninformed and counterproductive  advertising. 
    After a full day of presenting and learning everyone was exhausted. We went to sleep having completed a successful day and looking forward to the next adventure.
(Monday, July 17 - Ellia Morse) 

Getaway to the West Coast

Dublin's global entrepreneurs spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week on an excursion to the western coast of Ireland.  It was a great escape from the city life in Dubin and a chance to experience some of the more rural, coastal areas of this beautiful country.  

On Wednesday, we departed from DCU (Dublin City University) and headed towards the coast.   On our way, we stopped at Strokestown and Hennigan's Heritage Centre to learn a little more about how people in Ireland lived historically.  These two historical sites showed the opposing lifestyles of the wealthy landowners and the common workers and provided us with more historical context about the potato famine and its effects on Irish society.  We then ventured on to our hotel in Westport and spent the evening exploring this quaint, touristic town.

On Thursday morning, we woke bright and early to head out to Achill Island for some sight-seeing.  We began the morning at Croagh Patrick, the mountain dedicated to St. Patrick.  On our way out to Achill Island, we were able to stop at The Blue Bicycle, an independent coffee shop/ tea room, and meet the owners for some more insight into what it takes to run a successful small business.  Achill Island is a beautiful tourist destination, but it is very remote, which makes it difficult for small businesses to succeed. We toured the gorgeous cliffs and beaches and even had to the chance to explore a pre-famine abandoned village.  We also heard a presentation by the owner of Blackfield Surf School about his version of "survivor entrepreneurship" and what it means to have to constantly change his businesses seasonally to meet the demands of living in such a remote location.  That evening we returned to Westport for dinner and some traditional Irish music. 

On Friday, we had to say goodbye to Westport and made our way towards Galway, one of the bigger cities on the western coast of Ireland.  Along the way, we stopped at Glen Keen Farm and learned about sheepherding dogs.  Some of the students even tried out herding the sheep themselves by learning some simple voice commands for the dogs.  We spent the afternoon shopping and exploring the streets of Galway and returned to DCU just in time for dinner and a Bohemians F.C. game.  Although our team didn't win, we had a great time cheering on the Bohs and finishing research for our consulting project for the Bohemians team.

IMG_5114 2


Irish Céilí Dancing

This evening, our global navigators got together with a group of Irish students to learn some Irish céilí dancing.  It wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but our group was starting to pick it up by the end.  Check out the videos to see what it was like! 





A Student Perspective: LaZette Tirado

On Monday, our students spent the morning in class and then went on a Viking Splash Tour of Dublin.  We learned about the impact the vikings had on Ireland and toured a variety of other sights and landmarks around town.  The tour was led on amphibious vehicles originally used in World War II, so we were even able to hit the water for part of our tour.  Many U.S. cities have similar tours using these "duck boats" and our students were able to hear a little bit about how the owners of Viking Splash Tours used the tour they had been on in Boston as a model for the business they wished to start in Dublin, giving our students additional insight on international entrepreneurship. We interviewed one of our students, LaZette Tirado, to get a student perspective on the viking tour and our trip in general. 

LaZette Tirado - Phoenix, Arizona

FullSizeRender 11

What made you interested in participating in the program? 

I wanted to study abroad so I could better understand the world I'm living in.  My goal is to make a change in the world, so I really wanted to see what's out there and decide if business is what I want to do. 

If you were to pursue entrepreneurship as a career, what type of business would you be potentially interested in ?

Definitely something to do with performing arts or something to do with advocating for victims of sexual assault or women in general because that's really important to me. 

What was your impression of the Viking Splash Tour today? 

I liked the American tourist vibe and the way that the idea translated to Dublin.  And I liked the fact that we had to got out of our comfort zones with the viking stuff.  I also liked how we went out on the water- I had never done anything like that before. 

What is something about the history or culture of Ireland that you have found to be interesting or surprising? 

The sports, definitely.  The sports here are kind of what we see as American sports except meshed together into one sport and it makes it really hard, so I have a lot of respect for that.  I also think there's a big difference between American sports and Irish sports because back home we do them a lot for status and money, but in Ireland it's more about family and the culture.  Everyone is a part of it which is really cool. 

Game day in Dublin!

After learning about the history of the stadium and the cultural significance of the sport, our global entrepreneurs enjoyed being able to cheer Dublin's "boys in blue" to a Gaelic football victory at Croke Park.  There were over 60,000 fans in attendance, which really drove home the importance of traditional sports in the Irish market.  The enthusiasm of the Irish fans was contagious, and many students commented on how they enjoyed the fast-paced nature of the sport.  It was a great day to let loose and enjoy the unusually nice weather before returning to some intense work in the global entrepreneurship course on Monday.  This week, stay tuned for more adventures around Dublin and an overnight trip to Ireland's west coast later in the week.  




Croke Park, the Bohemian Football Club, and Howth

Dublin's global entrepreneurs have continued with the theme of sports culture in Ireland by visiting two different athletic stadiums and comparing them from a business perspective.  On Thursday morning, we toured Croke Park, the hub of the Gaelic Athletic Association in Dublin.  This park is a national cultural center with historical significance and the stadium draws huge crowds for Gaelic football and hurling matches.  Students were able to explore the park, as well as visit the GAA museum.  Students will have the opportunity to attend an important match at Croke Park this Sunday, and we are definitely excited that we'll be there cheering on Dublin! 




Later that afternoon, we switched gears by visiting the Bohemian Football Club.  This is a club that has a much more local feel and is interested in increasing its success by coming up with new approaches for its marketing, membership, and community outreach.  As a main project for their global entrepreneurship class, our students will be consulting Bohemians on ways to improve these aspects.  Our global navigators were able to meet with several of the club's leaders and even a few players to learn more about the club's values and its image.  We can't wait to return to the stadium for a match next week and to dive into the business aspect of this team. 



On Friday, our group switched gears and took a train out to the coastal town of Howth for a short day trip.  We were able to enjoy some hiking and fresh seafood in this quaint, touristic town.  Students also analyzed Howth's strengths and weaknesses as a potential location for a business.  Tomorrow, students will concluding the project we began earlier in the week and will be presenting their business pitches for their new ice cream, doughnut, or coffee shops.  Students are to compare the options of a suburban shopping center, a city centre storefront, and a touristic village (like Howth) and make a pitch for the business they feel would thrive in the location.  We can't wait to see the results of their research in their presentations tomorrow and will surely have more updates to follow. IMG_4856


Thanks for the read and stay posted for more exciting news from our Dublin team! 

Irish Culture: Mythology and Gaelic Games

Now that we've had a few days to get acclimated to Dublin, our global navigators have been diving into Irish culture. A key component of global entrepreneurship is having a strong understanding of the values and culture of the target country, so we are trying to get a better understanding of the Irish way of life.  Our students spent some time working with traditional Irish myths and understanding how these traditions reflect values that are still relevant to Dubliners today.  We also got a great opportunity to experience some Gaelic games!  Students learned about the history of the games and put their own skills to the test with handball, Gaelic football, and hurling.   IMG_4718



Welcome to Dublin!

Our global entrepreneurs all made it safely to Dublin and we're getting cozy in our new home.  On Sunday, students settled into their apartments on Dublin City University's campus and battled jet lag by getting to know each other through some games and activities at a nearby park.  We then hit the ground running by starting a little market research on the areas surrounding DCU.  Students will be competing this week by working with a small group to formulate a pitch for a new coffee shop, ice cream parlor, or doughnut shop, so they will need to become familiar with the various areas of the city in order to choose the right spot for this new venture.  We explored the Omni (a suburban shopping center) before enjoying some pizza and calling it an early night.

We spent Monday morning on some basic orientation to the campus and the program before taking a trip to the city center for some sight-seeing and an introduction to Dublin itself.  Martin and Ciaran led us on a brief tour and we became familiar with the general layout of the city and some of the major landmarks.  Finally, students took to the streets to continue their project research on the coffee, ice cream, and doughnuts already available in Dublin.  Some taste testing was necessary, of course.   

We'll continue this week by getting a sense for the local sports culture and importance of athletics, so stay tuned for more info! 



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