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Classes and Scavenger Hunt

Hola a todos,

Tuesday was the first day our participants had classes in the morning.  They also had their first Into the Community activity where they chatted with people around Alicante.

ITC 12

Students also went on a scavenger hunt in the afternoon in order to get to know the city better all while practicing their Spanish with locals.  We were all super impressed with our first group to finish - they completed their whole list in one hour!  ¡Buen trabajo grupo!

Scavenger hunt

And that was just day one! 

¡Hasta pronto!


¡Familias españolas!

Yesterday the students met their host families.  Both parties were excited and nervous to meet who they would be living with for the next month.  In their homestay setting the students will be fully immersed in Spanish culture and language and it is often one of the most fruitful experiences of their time abroad, particularly as they build relationships with their Spanish families.  Here are some photos from the greetings! IMG_0305 IMG_0307 IMG_0308

¡La segunda sesión ya está en Alicante!

Después de mucho viaje, todo el grupo está en Alicante.  Ayer tomaron un tour de la ciudad y comieron en dos restaurantes.  ¡Hoya conocen a sus familias Españolas! ¡Ya subiremos mas fotos! Hasta pronto,

Alison, Maurice, Sam y Luis IMG_0296 IMG_0298

¡Adiós, Alicante!

Your students have spent the last few days cherishing every moment in Alicante!  

On Monday our group outing was to the beach San Juan for water sports!  Here they are trying out kayaks and paddle boards on a beautiful sunny afternoon!



On Tuesday we visited two local art museums - one with antique portraits by local painters, and one with a variety of contemporary art.



On Wednesday we went to a movie theater to see a Spanish-Argentine production, and on Thursday went out to enjoy the beach again, this time on an inflatable playground :) 





Today the students have their last class, the afternoon to spend with their host families, and a farewell dinner in the evening. 

Here are Eli and Melissa's small groups hanging out after their last "into the community" activity ;)




And here are a few snapshots from the karaoke night the other week! It was so fun to hear all the students singing their favorite Spanish language pop songs! Some even tried the Spanish versions of some classic Disney songs :)




There was even some latin dancing!


 We are all so proud of the effort and growth we have seen in our amazing students this month, and so thankful to have shared this experience with them!  Where will they go next?!

Until next time!  ¡Hasta luego, España!  ❤️

Las Hogueras!

Las Hogueras has been a tradition in Alicante since 1928- people spend months and thousands building wooden sculptures that are on display all week throughout the city. It's a week long party with parades, daily and nightly fireworks, traditional foods sold in barracas (pop up restaurants), una belleza (a girl and a young woman who represent each hoguera) and culminates with burning all of the sculptures save one on Friday. There are 90 adult and 90 kid hogueras throughout Alicante, each artist chooses a theme and designs one for their neighborhood and judges will select the best to save for the museum, the only one that will not be burned. The following week there are fireworks at the beach every night.  One day for our into the community activity we visited one of the Hogueras and they invited us in, gave us a spontaneous tour, and explained the entire history of the tradition to us. They introduced us to the reinas (queens) of that particular hoguera and treated us to a coke. We just walked in to ask if we could take a peek at the art and got way more than we expected; people in Alicante were very enthusiastic about sharing their culture with students who were interested in learning.  We didn't have group activities that week so that the kids could explore las hogueras with their families, so hopefully you've seen their photos already. -Melissa Zeiher
















Meet your Session 2 Program Leader: Samantha Dodson

¡Hola! Soy Sam y tengo muchas ganas de conoceros.  ¡No puedo creer que quedan tan pocos días para empezar nuestra aventura en Alicante!

I’m native to New Jersey (please don’t think about “Jersey Shore”...) so I love being close to the beach and to New York City. I also love being outdoors, trying new foods and discovering new music. During the year I am a Spanish teacher at Morristown High School. I absolutely love my job, but nothing compares to having the world as your classroom! My number one passion is the Spanish language and getting to know the different parts of the world where it is spoken. (Spain is obviously my favorite!)

FullSizeRender (12)This will be my first time travelling with CIEE, but I have traveled to Alicante before. It is a beautiful, perfectly-sized city with lots to experience and discover! The delicious food is one of my favorite parts.

I’m really looking forward to being a part of your journey as you find for yourselves just how incredible Spain really is and how much you are going to learn and grow on this trip. You’ll be amazed by what you’ll learn about the language, the culture and about yourselves this summer.

I am so excited to be a part of it and to explore Alicante with you!


¡Hasta pronto!


- Sam

Actividades en Alicante

¡Saludos desde Alicante!

Our students had another great week full of Spanish culture and activities!


On Tuesday we visited the Archaeological Museum of Alicante, where students explored exhibits about the history of local areas as well as a travelling exhibit about the Mayan civilization.




Your students are improving their conversational skills every day!  Here is Noemi's class during one of their "into the community" class activities.  We went to a Spanish-Lebanese restaurant where the students ordered appetizers to try and discussed their favorite foods.



Monday - Thursday, Alicante hosted a fireworks contest as part of the celebration of the summer solstice.  Many students went to the beach with their host families to watch them!



On Thursday our students attended a Flamenco dance class!  It was fun to try some of the dance moves after seeing the show in Madrid, and so great to see everyone giving it a try!









On Saturday we visited the city of Valencia, the home of Europe's largest aquarium!  The students went on a behind-the-scenes tour and then had time to explore on their own.








The time has flown by!  We can hardly believe there's only one week left!

¡Hasta pronto!


Meet your Session 2 Program Leader: Maurice Childs

Hello everyone,

I am Maurice Childs and I will be one of the Program Leaders in Alicante, Spain for session 2. This will be my second summer as a Program Leader in Alicante and I am excited to be returning. 

I am an 8th grade Spanish teacher in Bronx, New York. Before becoming a Spanish teacher in NY, I lived and worked in Spain for 3 years. During my time in Spain I worked as an English Teaching Assistant, teaching English at all levels from elementary to adult. 

When I am not teaching, I like to hang out with friends, run half marathons, and travel! 

I consider Spain like my second home. I love to return as often as possible. 

I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

See ya soon!

Maurice Childs

Me us open

Meet your session 2 Program Leader: Allison Kulz

¡Hola, hola!

I am Allison Kulz and I will be on of your Program Leaders for session 2 in Alicante.  I hope you are all just as excited as I am to explore Alicante and Spain this summer! 

I am a high school Spanish teacher in Sammamish, WA and have also worked in Spain as a teacher's assistant teaching Spanish students English.  I absolutely love to travel - especially to Spanish-speaking countries.  I have spent most of my time abroad in Spain studying, teaching and exploring.  It is one of my most favorite places in the world and I can't wait to see all of you fall in love as well. 

When I'm not teaching or traveling, I like to hike, go out to eat or for coffee and I love to play and watch soccer (I'm pumped to visit the Bernabéu again - ¡Hala Madrid!).

Good luck with your packing and we'll get to chat and meet real soon!

Un abrazo,

Allison IMG_4077

Caves and waterfalls and clay..OH MY!

Our amazing students, (your amazing children) are enjoying all the wonderful opportunities CIEE provides. This past Saturday, we hopped on a bus and took a beautiful, scenic trip into the mountains. We arrived at the Caves of Canalobre right at opening time to start our underground adventure. With a year-round temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, the students were comfortable and amazed by what they saw inside. Stalactites and stalagmites abound, the students' journey was amazing. "Que guay!" was the expression heard over and over. (How cool!) We even saw a crocodile....or was it a shark? IDK! You'll have to ask them!

Back in the bus, down the mountain and after a little siesta on the bus, we arrived at "Las Fuentes del Algar". Imagine a "natural" water park in the mountain! It was the highlight for many and a VERY refreshing way to spend the hot afternoon in Spain!

Following the weekend students were able to tap into their artistic side by participating in a pottery class. Some beautiful and interesting masterpieces were created and a good afternoon was spent by all.