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Wrap Up for the Portland Global Entrepreneurship Extravaganza!

What a three weeks it was! Beginning with a project for the Sea Dogs, Portland, Maine's minor leagueRed Sox affiliate baseball team, and ending with 6 amazing new business pitches, the 34 students enrolled in the Portland, Maine-based Global Entrepreneurship  program wowed everyone they met. The team of 8 judges, all local entrepreneurs and business specialists, were awe-struck at not only the ideas, but the sophistication and professionalism of the student presentations. The presentations included the following 6 presentations:

2 food category pitches:  Bravocado: An avocado-themed food truck


Lunch at Tiffin's: Lunch delivery in a tiffin


2 Tourist Experiences:

Portland City Hunt: a city-wide scavenger-hunt


Lobbery: Catch and cook your own lobster and make wild blueberry syrup


2 Souvenirs:

Cardeo: a traditional postcard with an embedded video



Lumina: a unique lighthouse lamp




The winner??





Bravocado team members pose with their instructor, Patty Nickerson, and their prizes, Sea Bags bucket bags to honor their impact on Maine!



We ended our week with a fabulous BBQ, complete with singing, dancing, a hilarious and heart-felt poem from our 3 awesome resident staff members, Sam, SK and Seamus...and more hugs than anyone could count!


Saturday, the entire group went to Boston, where they visited Harvard University and explored the historic Freedom Trail. On Sunday, everyone said goodbye, amidst loads of tears and hugs as the BAFF students headed to New York, then Washington and finally home and the US students head back to their families. The instructors and residence staff were left with amazing memories, terrific stories and loads of pictures to keep the memories of CIEE Portland Global Entrepreneurship alive!

Until next year!


Beth Richardson

Lead Instructor