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Week 4: Guanajuato

I believe that after finishing my program I have more confidence in the target language as well as a different perspective on Mexico. I honestly feel that I have made most progress in speaking throughout the course of the program.


I believe that my progress is accurate to what I expected it would be in the final weeks. I now have an easier time understanding as well as speaking spanish back in the United States. As I became more confident with the language, I also became more confident in speaking to my host family.

One thing that I really liked about the program is that I could practice my spanish in real situations. I don’t really have this opportunity back in the United States during school because we mainly do worksheets which isn’t the same as speaking with the locals in Guanajuato.

My favorite exercise was “into the community” because it gave us the chance to speak the target language with the locals of Guanajuato. It really felt like we became a part of the community because we were able to interact with the amiable people of GTO. I gained a lot of practice experience from this activity.


-Roberto M.

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