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We’ve done so much here in Mexico. I have to say that going to Mexico City has been my favorite expedition. We did so much over there, like go to the National Museum of Anthropology and Frida Kahlo's House. We were very busy those 3 days, so we most definitely got much done. I also went shopping in Leon with my host family and some friends. We picked out outfits for each other and it was great!

In contrast to my life in the US, I never really go to other cities, or even other parts of Chicago. I mostly stay at home or around my neighborhood. I also never go shopping, nor do I enjoy it, in the US. However, I’ve realized that shopping WITH FRIENDS is very entertaining. I’ve learned much about myself while I’ve been here in Guanajuato. I’m really going to miss it.

Here is one of my recent class assignments:


-Brandon L.

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