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Week 3: Berlin

Mauer Park was my favorite excursion of all because I loved the atmosphere of Berlin on a Sunday afternoon. Mauer Park holds a flea market and karaoke every Sunday afternoon if the weather is well. The flea market was enormous and I had never seen a flea market like it. There were many stands filled with jewelry, bags, vintage items, food, etc. The karaoke had gathered about 300 or 400 people watching and it was so interesting to see them because you knew you were watching Berlin at its finest right then. People sang karaoke to all sorts of different songs and reasons. I met someone who sang “Valkyrie” to honor the 6th year since her sister passed away. Others sang because they were leaving Berlin and they had always wanted to sing there. I think that part of why I loved this day was because I was no longer meeting new people but just spending time with friends and that felt really nice.


-Ellie M.

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