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Musée de résistance : Foressia Hood's Account!

Yesterday, a small group of open-minded students and their program leaders Kyle and Bridgette, embarked on a journey to Musée Départemental De La Résistance et De La Déportation, which talks about the resistance during World War II, where France was infiltrated by Germany and to the eyes of the public, trapped in a lose-lose battle. During World War II, Hitler sent his men all throughout Europe to claim land with the ultimate goal to rule the world. While other countries were easily defeated and followed the commands of the Nazis, the citizens of France did not believe in giving up and formed “De Résistance” which was made up of ordinary citizens of France, Men, Women, and children, fighting for their freedom.



“Our Tour Guide explaining how the Radio was the first act of resistance against the Nazi.”


When the Nazi started gathering up Jews to kill, the citizens in France tried to hide the Jews by creating false identity papers to help Jews escape going to prison and ultimately dying. There were in total 10,000 people arrested in Toulouse alone (76,000 arrested in France) just for being a Jew. While in a situation, where little hope is portrayed, the Resistance portrayed the citizens as soldiers with strength and bravery. Other people aided France in the fight against Nazi because they share the same values in liberty and knew this was ultimately the fight for Europe, the fight for the world.



What interested me the most about the Musée Départemental De La Résistance et De La Déportation was the explanation on the concentration camps. I knew the ultimate goal was to kill everyone within the camps, but I did not know that there were smaller goals for the concentration camps which included dehumanizing the people by changing their names to numbers, shaving their heads, and other downgrading actions to destroy their self-esteem within themselves. I also learned that concentration camps was not only for the Jews, but also for the people who resisted against the Nazi to use as their punishment.


Here are some picture highlights:








Overall, the Musée Départemental De La Résistance et De La Déportation was très intéressant and a definite must see if you travel to Toulouse. Shout-out to Toulouse Session 2 students. Let’s enjoy our last few days in Toulouse together.


Yours Truly,

Foressia Hood, Toulouse Session 2 Student