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Monday Workshops--Photography & Theater

It's hard to believe that we are in our last week in Berlin! Time has flown by, and it is starting to set in that in a weeks time we will all be back home. This past Monday, students again participated in workshops with their classmates. Today I would like to share some snapshots from both the photography and the theater workshop. In the photography workshop students learned about street photography from a local photographer before heading out on their own to capture their own take on the city. Here are some of what they were able to capture in just an hour--we were all very impressed!

Picture credit: Abby Krieckhaus

Picture credit: Emayli Holmes

Picture credit: Hong Wang

The theater workshop was also quite interactive as students worked with a former actress who taught them theater warm-ups as well as helped them craft their own improved skits. The kids had a lot of fun working together and acting out scenes from things they've experienced in Berlin!

Theater 1Picture credit: Amanda Henderson

Skit McDonaldsPicture credit: Amanda Henderson