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Aeroscopia, l'histoire d'aeronautique

Last week Toulouse Session 2 got to visit Aeroscopia, which is one of the highlights of Toulouse's identity. The aviation museum, near the airport at Blagnac, is where Airbus' headquarters are located, the company that employs a third of Toulouse's work force.  This was the ideal visit for Garrett, a future Airplane Engineer and modern airplane enthusiast.  


Students were guided around the museum and shown different types of airplanes including the first airplane ever manufactured, the immense Super Guppy that looks like a pregnant fish, and even the infamous Concorde.  Students learned that air travel began as an extreme sport, then became a military endeavor before developing into a mail delivery service that finally led to travel for passengers.  


We were joined by Mister Jean, a retired aeronautical engineer, that answered all the questions that Sam, Benjamin, and Traolach had about the field of aeronautics.  He described the different aircrafts for them and even debated the possibilities of the future of air travel.  

Mister Jean discussing the future of aviation with Sam, Benji, and Traolach.



To wrap up our day in the sky, Mister Jean took on questions from all of the students at l'Institut Catholique.  He answered everything from his age to the various positions he held throughout his career to the catastrophic fate of the Concorde.  Overall, it was a day filled with the wonder of how humans took to the sky and the possibilities of future travel.