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Workshop Mondays

Guten Tag aus Berlin!

It has been an exciting week here in Berlin! We will have some guest blogs from students later this weekend, but I'll tell you about what we did on Monday. Here in Berlin we have workshops on Mondays that are meant to allow students to interact more closely with the culture of Berlin. Each week students attend a different workshop on topics such as theater and photographing Berlin. This week we will focus on a workshop students attended on Intercultural Identity; a very important and current topic in multicultural Berlin.

Students attended this workshop to understand how we project our culture through our words, foods, body language and even our names. More importantly, students discussed how difficulties can arise when cultures meet that come from very different perspectives. Students did several activities that allowed them to see how their own cultural identity and their reactions to the cultural identity of others will shape their experiences here in Berlin. More to come this weekend!







-Mike McCloskey