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Welcome to Khon Kaen!

Yesterday was our first full day in Khon Kaen. We had orientation in the morning along with Thai culture and etiquette, followed by a lovely tour of the city guided by P'Pan, a Khon Kaen native. We  chartered a local form of transportation called a song taew, a covered truck with two benches in the back, a popular way to navigate the city because of its convenience and inexpensiveness.

We visited the 9 Story Temple, or Wat Nong Waeng, in Khon Kaen. Luck was in our favor as we just missed the daily torrential monsoon while out on our tour. 


Here we are practicing the graab that Aj. Nidnoi and Aj. Tony taught us in Thai etiquette. The graab is a type of bow that is used to pay respect to the image of Buddha.


This is the Khon Kaen skyline as seen from the top of the 9 story temple.


Welcome to Khon Kaen everyone!