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Welcome to Dublin!

Our global entrepreneurs all made it safely to Dublin and we're getting cozy in our new home.  On Sunday, students settled into their apartments on Dublin City University's campus and battled jet lag by getting to know each other through some games and activities at a nearby park.  We then hit the ground running by starting a little market research on the areas surrounding DCU.  Students will be competing this week by working with a small group to formulate a pitch for a new coffee shop, ice cream parlor, or doughnut shop, so they will need to become familiar with the various areas of the city in order to choose the right spot for this new venture.  We explored the Omni (a suburban shopping center) before enjoying some pizza and calling it an early night.

We spent Monday morning on some basic orientation to the campus and the program before taking a trip to the city center for some sight-seeing and an introduction to Dublin itself.  Martin and Ciaran led us on a brief tour and we became familiar with the general layout of the city and some of the major landmarks.  Finally, students took to the streets to continue their project research on the coffee, ice cream, and doughnuts already available in Dublin.  Some taste testing was necessary, of course.   

We'll continue this week by getting a sense for the local sports culture and importance of athletics, so stay tuned for more info! 



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