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I love my new home here in Germany, but it is very different from my home in the United States. For example, my roommates and some friends woke up to see the sunrise from Tempelhof Airport which is an abandoned airport that is now home to refugees, and a park, but when we wanted to get food after, we realized that most cafes or other food places were not yet open.

Typical Day:

7:30- Wake up with my roommates to Dancing Queen

8:30- Either cook something in the kitchen or grab something from the cafe downstairs

9:00- In class

10:30- Class stops for a 15 minute break

10:45- Class resumes or a guest speaker appears

11:45- Class is out for lunch


(Juice run during lunch from No Need for Fancy Names)

1:00- Class resumes or an excursion


(Afternoon excursion to The Jewish Museum)

5:00- Free time starts


(Exploring the streets of Berlin)

7:00- Dinner


(Making dinner with my program leaders)

10:00- Curfew


-Ellie M.

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