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Week 1: Berlin, Germany


Berlin is amazing... I want to stay here forever and live with the people I have met which came as a total shock to me that I might really like Germany. Meeting the group was so fun and I have become really close friends with some of them basically overnight from sharing a room.

My program leaders are so fun and energetic even when they have to be strict about the rules. My language skills are slowly improving like when I learned “ziehen” and “druken” in order to know whether to pull or push the door in order to look normal or being able to get the cashier’s attention with a simple “hallo”.

I am picking up on so many small useful things that I would probably never really have learned in a normal language class, but I also have not yet learned how to say “my name is Ellie” which is something that you usually learn pretty early on in the class. One thing that I was not expecting on this program was that our program gives us weekly food stipends for us to buy our own food. This may sound like a hassle at first it is actually really nice because then we are allowed to have a lot of free time and not have to come back to the dorms at 6 to eat dinner and then head back out into the city.

-Ellie M.

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