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Update from Japan - Paper Making!

Konnichiwa! This is your friendly, neighborhood program leader Lauren, here with you today for an update on our Tokyo program! 

Our students from classes B and C went to Ozu Washi, a building steeped in history, where the students got to participate in a demonstration of the way in which traditional Japanese paper (washi) is made! Students watched a video about how Ozu washi paper is made, from start to finish. Students were split into groups because of our large size, and each group got to experience the video, the tour of the shop, shopping, and paper making !

DSC_0006 (Students eagerly await the start of the presentation) 

They were then escorted around the building and were shown how various items were made completely from this paper, from socks, to bath towels, to coats and wedding dresses. The staff was very helpful, and the students got to create their very own washi paper using the techniques that the staff taught to them, through the traditions that were passed down to them!

DSC_0009(PL Lauren taking a picture outside while the other group has the process explained to them) 

Students would watch the washi-maker go through the process, and using gestures and Japanese, he would show them through the process. 

THEN! It was the students' turns! 

DSC_0029 (the future washi paper that was made of the Kozo - a kind of tree, water, and a solution to help bind them together)

DSC_0029 (Students first receiving a demonstration of the process) 

DSC_0029(The teacher and Nick working together to make Nick's paper) 

DSC_0029(Students decorating their papers) 

DSC_0029(Nathaniel working hard, shaking the solution back and forth to create his washi paper) 

DSC_0029 (Another teacher and Tabitha drying her paper with a suction vacuum before putting it on a hot plate to dry) 


DSC_0029 (The teacher is stirring the mixture to get the right consistency before Allie tries her hand at making the paper) 

DSC_0034 (Vivian's Turn!) 

DSC_0034 (Sorry for the blur, Oliver and the teacher were just working tooo fast!) 

DSC_0034 (Erwin was the second one to go, and showed that he could be a washi pro!) 

DSC_0034 (The teacher preparing the device while Francis looks on) 

 We will be updating our blog with more excursions and updates - stay tuned! 

This is your friendly, neighborhood PL Lauren, signing off for now!