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Transportation in Korea

    Being able to come to Korea to learn about the Korean popular culture would be an unforgettable experience for me, along with the experiences of Korea's transportation system in Seoul.  It's one thing to learn about K-pop in the classroom, but it was another thing to go out and explore Korea, I believe true knowledge never come from the book, it comes from your own experiences. While we go out as a group exploring Korea, we often took public transportation to get us from one place to another, the transportation system in Seoul opens my eyes to see a different phase of Seoul.


IMG_0613-iloveimg-convertedThere was an extra door in the subway station to prevent people from falling into the railroad!!! 


IMG_0216 (3)There was plenty of Stores in the subway station makes every station an mini underground shopping center.


IMG_0215-iloveimg-convertedThere are lots of people taking subway than you could imagine, prepare to get squashed!!


IMG_0219-iloveimg-converted (2)Prepare to walk tons of staircases because there will be endless stairs waiting for you between the subway station and the ground.

IMG_0462-iloveimg-convertedThe stop button in the bus makes it inconvenient for people to press when the bus was full of people. 



Yeah....so apparently car can move and park on the sidewalk.


-Global Navigator (Kenny Mai)