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To Görlitz and Back Again!

Liebe Leser und Leserinnen,


Our group just got back from an exciting weekend trip to the city of Görlitz where we were able to experience a very different side of Germany to busy Berlin!  On Saturday morning we headed east, taking the renowned Deutsche Bahn train through the German countryside to our destination about three hours away.  


As we got off the train and walked through the city to our hostel, our students were initially disappointed to find a sleepy town.  However, once we reached to the center of town we found the annual Tippelmarkt or pottery market in full swing, with visitors and locals enjoying food, music, and a celebration of traditional crafts!  We were able to take the afternoon to explore Görlitz's unique history at their Museum, check out the market, and of course sample some German snacks.




In the evening we continued to a restaurant to get our fill of more traditional dishes including beef Rollade and sauerkraut, Spaetzle, for those who were brave enough, blood sausage!  To walk off our German feast we took a final stroll to the Neisse River where from which we could see Görlitz's Polish sister city of Zgorzelec.




After a night in our hostel we were able to begin our leisurely bus ride home, stopping at Bad Muskau Park, a world heritage site that also shares a border with Poland.  We got a great tour from a local historian and learned about the 17th century founding of the park, it's castle and it's eccentric founder, Prince Pückler!



After a weekend of travel we arrived back at the CIEE Study Center for a quiet evening before the student's first entreneurship presentation tomorrow!  


Bis zum naechstes Mal! Until next time!

(All photos by Kate Wheeler)