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Finding Fish, Fun, and Friends in Troia

This morning was filled with sand, sun, and sea shells!

We spent our morning traveling by ferry to discover species of brown, red, and green algae as well as sea carrots, sea squirts, barnacles, chitons, sea stars, urchins, polychetes, and many more in Troia. The students were introduced to a local fisherwoman and her catch of the day, some spider crabs and cuttlefish!


Meredith and Donnessa checking out their first spider crabs. Don't be fooled girls, those crabs aren't ready for dinner yet!


Investigating the sol from a local fisherwoman's catch

Later, we traveled to a nearby port to learn about a traditional fisherfolk ceremony in which boats are decorated and a pilgrimage is made. 





Traditional fishing port decorated for a cultural ceremony 


Tomorrow we are excited for surfing and free time in Setubal!!