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Hello dear readers!

Today we started our highly anticipated trip to Mexico City at 6 am. Upon arriving just outside the city, we met our awesome tour guides, Pilar and Rodrigo, who first took us for breakfast to the house of a nearby friend named Miguel. Miguel not only served us delicious tamales and coffee, but also gave us a brief talk on carving obsidian, which he does for a living. We learned quite a lot!

Next, it was time to head to the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan! If you've never heard of this site before, look it up! It is a fascinating archaeological site located about an hour outside of Mexico City. Pilar and Rodrigo showed us around and we even got a change to climb la pirámide de la luna (Pyramid of the Moon) and la pirámide del sol (Pyramid of the Sun). 

Tonight we head out to get some tacos for dinner and then to a lucha libre fight (this is one of the parts of the Mexico City trip that the students have been looking forward to most). Hasta mañana! 



A stellar shot of group 1


View from atop Pirámide de la Luna


Walking to Pirámide de la Luna


It was a tough climb!

Relaxing at the top