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Super Last Sunday in Korea!

Still outside of Seoul, our last Sunday in Korea was filled with nothing short of beauty. After waking up in our traditional Korean homestay for the night, we were treated to a delicious breakfast in the Sky Lounge of a lovely hotel. We then said our goodbyes to Andong and headed to the historic city of Mungyeong - considered by many as "the center of Korea" and one of the main routes for traders, merchants, royalty, and people traveling to the capital from the southern coast of the country. In the midst of this beautiful town, one of Korea's main broadcasting companies (KBS) built a set where they film many historical tv shows. This large outdoor studio is set against a backdrop of majestic mountains, and we all enjoyed time to wander and take in our surroundings.


Roommates in the grandfather suite at our traditional homestay




Sights from the KBS studio

Munkeong 1
Munkeong 1



Lunch was a delicious Korean staple - bulgogi (marinated beef), and we were back on the bus to Seoul for a very special concert. Before the concert, we were able to do some shopping at a very famous shopping district in Gangnam called Garosu-gil (tree lined street) as well as eat some local delicacies.  

The concert was one of our guest lecturers in the program, MYK (also known as Saltnpaper) who sang a lot of his original songs, and covers. It was definitely a memorable and enjoyable music experience for all. 

One of our students helping MYK with lyrics! 



Till next time!

-Kym, Program Leader