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Student Takeover: Zenayah

 For myself and everyone else, this two week span to create a product and pitch was rough full of pivot and frequent change. These efforts required a lot of determination and confidence that our modifications would be best. As it turns out, it was!

Every single presentation was made with creativity and passion. It was a genuine representation of the uniqueness that guided us to be the special group of participants selected for CIEE and BAFF's 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Program in Portland, Maine. Overall, we had six product pitches categorized in food, souvenir, and tourism experience. This year's winner was Bravocado: an avocado-only food truck. The competition was high and every team was nearly equal in expectations. Not only did we revolutionize our affiliated industries, but we surpassed the doubts we all initially had.

As the mood of competition eased, we ended off in a more relaxed environment at the barbecue. At this event, we recollect our memories through the heartfelt poem written by our dear Resident Staff Sarah Kate, Samuel, and Seamus. In my opinion, this is where I, Zenayah Roache, had my first flow of tears. Followed by this, we had productions by my peers that brought us together through singalongs and dancing. At the end, it was only proper that we share our unanimous gratitude towards our opportunity that helped us form lifetime friends, advisers, and knowledge that can be applicable to our future careers. This is a summer I will never forget and cherish forever and ever. Thank you CIEE for everything you have offered me. See you next year!


Congratulations Team Bravacado on an excellent presentation
Egils relaxing after a week of hard work