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Student Blog from Quin Gallagher - Granada

Today we have a student blog from Quin Gallagher. Quin is a rising senior at Madison West High School, in Madison, Wisconsin. Quin is a talented photographer and did a great job capturing the beauty of our Granada trip. Enjoy his post!


    This past weekend (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon), the Global Discovery students went on a getaway to Granada! The city of Granada is located about 3 hours to the East of Seville, and has an abundance of history stretching back to the fifth century when it was controlled by Iberians. In 711 A.D., Muslims took over and went on to build the Alhambra, a royal palace known for its red coloration, Moorish architecture, exquisite gardens, and defensive position along the mountains. In 1492 A.D., the Roman Catholic monarchs King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella conquered the city and eventually drove out the Muslims and Jews.
    The students toured the extensive Alhambra grounds and ancient Albaicín neighborhood, visited the tombs of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, explored the Science Museum and Park, and enjoyed tapas around the city. During the free time, popular activities included shopping in the city, swimming in the hotel pool, or hiking in the surrounding hills.


Students pass through one of the city gates on their way to tour around the city.


The ancient history and beauty of Granada is easily visible anywhere you look!


Théo and Argenis take in the view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range on a hike in the hills above the city.


The view of the Alhambra palace from the Albaicín neighborhood is incredible and gives a great sense of the palace’s immense size!