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Service Memories in Santo Domingo

As the Santo Domingo Service and Leadership program comes to a close, I asked the kids to share a favorite memory from out time at Nichibosco, the service site where we spent our mornings in the Cristo Rey neighborhood. Here's what they had to say!



This was my favorite moment because I don't even know these kids that were on me, they weren't in my group, but that just goes to explain how affectionate and loving this culture is. This was just the first piggy back ride of about 100 more that afternoon, and even though I was exhausted, their endless smiles and laughter gave me the energy again to play with them. I will never forget it.


My favorite service memory: playing with the kids, especially this one (Andell).  Ayan


My favorite part of service was spending so much time playing with the kids. I taught them games and they taught me some too and it was so fun to get to know them all.  (Inbar)


This is one of my favorite service memories because i only spent one day with this girl and i really bonded with her. It was her first day at NichiBosco and it was really great to watch her blossom as he day went on. At first she was very shy and then by the time i left she was dancing and laying with the other kids. (Genny)

Group service

My favorite memory of this trip was during the second week, when we began to really bond with the children, and the leaders of the group who were closer to our age. the group leaders talked to us about our lives in the US and we asked about theirs, and it was extremely interesting to learn so much about to dominican culture through both the eyes of the younger children, and those with more life experience.

Sophie selfie

Overall it was a very rewarding experience for everyone and we are sad to be going home, we'll miss everyone but we are grateful for the time and experiences we've shared and we will carry Santo Domingo  in our hearts and bring all that we've learned back home.