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Service and Parque del Este

Saludos! Our second week is off to a strong start. Monday we went to our service site in the morning, where we started off with a presentation about the organization's value of the day: solidaridad. Our students were encouraged to find ways to incorporate solidarity into their morning routine at the service site. Once the presentation was complete we broke off into our small groups. The groups did a variety of activities, all the while gaining more insight into the community we are learning alongside.


Yesterday afternoon we had another session of the service and leadership curriculum. We engaged in important discussions related to comparing and contrasting values within and across cultures, and how we can be effective intercultural leaders.


Today was another fun day in Santo Domingo! There was lots of dancing in the morning, followed by small group time. All of our participants have been leaders each and every day, finding creative ways to engage with the kids through mutual cultural exchange. It's been such a joy for us as program leaders to go to each group and see the meaningful relationships that have already formed!

In the afternoon, Spanish class was partly in the classroom and partly at Parque del Este. Students learned how to play dominos and vitilla, a game related to baseball. Check out the photos below!


Noemi and Nicole doing arts and crafts with their group


Angela and friends!


Grant learns a new game!


Lindsey and Michaela teaching "double-double-this-this"


Ayan and friends!


H'Po and Hayley play cat's cradle in their group!


Learning how to pitch!


Natalie, Hayley, Alayna and Sophie


Sarah's turn!


Sophie, Calista, Noemi and Kerry

Stay tuned for our post from our clase de baile mañana!

- Jessica