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Semaine Trois


This week in Rennes went by super quickly because we were very busy. We started the week with a food tour of Rennes. It was délicieux. We started at a crêperie / glacier where we learned about galettes and got to eat our creations. The person who worked there made it look so easy to make the galettes, but as our students soon learned- it's a lot harder than it looks!




DSC_1720 (1)





After all their hard work, students got to eat the galettes that we made, plus some artisanal ice cream from the shop for dessert!

Next, we went to the best chocolatier in Rennes and tried chocolate that was made from several different kinds of local ingredients. Some of the ingredients we tasted were local honey, hazelnut, caramel and fleur de sel (local salt). Luckily they weren't all in the same piece of chocolate!



Lastly, we went to a café where students got to try 3 different types of local apple juice. Some was made with cinnamon - it was delicious!



On Tuesday, we went on a street art tour of Rennes. With the help of a local guide, we searched for examples of legal and illegal street art around the town. Some of it was beautiful...







On Wednesday, we got to check out a French cinema and watch Moi, Moche et Mechant 3 (Despicable Me 3). We enjoyed the movie, and we especially enjoyed the two different types of popcorn- salty and sweet!




On Thursday, we went to a Spadium, which is a huge building with several indoor pools and hot tubs. There was a lazy river and even a water slide!


On Friday, we had the afternoon off so students could relax before our weekend long excursion to Cornouaille. Some students went shopping at the mall, some went to have crêpes, and some went to the planetarium. Check back soon for our pictures from Cornouaille!