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Bringing History to Life

Saturday we left bright and early to take a journey back in time to visit Andong Hahoe Village which dates back 3000 years. The village names means "Village Enveloped By Water" and it is shaped like a lotus flower.  The village consists entirely of ancient houses but the students were quick to confirm that they had electricity and the all important internet. 

Andong 5

Typical home 

Andong 3



Our students wrote a wrote a positive note or prayer and left it at this sacred site.

We also watched and then learned how to performed the mask dance.  The masks are considered to be national treasures. 

Andong Mask 1

Heading to the the presentation. 

Mask dance 2

Cassie dancing as the village idiot.

Mask dance 4

Students wearing the historical masks.

After all of our adventures we settled into our accommodations which was a traditional cheongpunheon pavilion. The students played tag and ate snacks in the yard. 

Traditional house

Rural house


Necol Harness, Program Leaxer