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Reflexive essay

     Before I came to Korea I thought I already knew a fairly large amount in not only kpop but Korean history as well. But just on the first day of this program I was proven very wrong. 

     When I was in America I thought I knew a large amount about kpop. This is because I liked kpop and I also knew a large number of older kpop and trot songs. Also through kdramas I thought I knew a large amount of Korean history. However when I took this course I found a lot of hidden and more specific things I have missed completely.  There were even very huge events that went on in Korea that I was totally oblivious about. Because of Dr. Saeji's class I have learned to truly analyze music videos and how nothing in a music video is an accident. I have found that everything is connected.  Whether it be from one song to another of the artist or the song to culture. There is always something under what everyone sees. 

    Besides having a greater appreciation for kpop music videos, I have also gained a larger appreciation for the music itself. When the guest lecturer Paul Tompson came to speak to us I found out how hard it is for one song to be made.  The long process of making the demo, and sending it to the entertainments not know if it will even be chosen. Along with that, even if the song was bought by the entertainment the song may not even be used. Another guest lecturer we had was a singer, songwriter named saltnpaper. He allowed me to truly realize that artists do not make much money at all. I have always thought that people were lying and it was actually a large amount of money. However he showed me the fact that there is only a few number of people that do and everyone else does not. The people that get more money are the people that compose and sing their own songs.  However most kpop stars do not do that.  

     Now that I have learned so much about Korean history and kpop history I truly feel a deeper understanding in not only kpop but music in general. I really have no regrets on coming on to this program ( besides all the walking ).