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Reflective Essay -Salla

Coming to this program for 3 weeks was a new experience. Throughout the program, I learned many things about KPOP. I learned that kpop is not all about handsome looking guys and pretty girls. 

One of the most interesting topics we talked about was people doing kpop cover dances. I always thought that people did cover dances because they enjoyed dancing. Posting cover dances on YouTube allows people to be creative and add their own twists to the dance. Posting cover dances on YouTube also allows a community to form. The fans have a chance to gather and enjoy kpop dances together. However, I discovered that there was another side. Some people cover kpop dances and make money off of it. Those people are parasitic to the idols and are milking the idols’ hard work for some extra money. Those people don't have to work as hard as the idols since they only memorize a dance, probably from a dance practice video. 

This side of kpop cover dance has added a new perspective on cover dance. Through this perspective, I hope to grow and understand more perspectives of kpop cover dance.