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Real Alcázar de Sevilla

This week students took a tour of the Real Alcázar, one of Sevilla's most impressive historical monuments. The Royal Alcazar of Seville is known as a Spanish Royal palace that was built by the Moorish rulers who occupied the peninsula starting in the 8th century.



The castle is very large with beautiful gardens surrounded it. It is hard to believe that this castle is in the center of the city!


The palace can be traced back to the Moorish conquest of Seville in 712. In the 12th century the palace continued to be developed, resembling more typical castle construction. The Islamic art has always been maintained. Once can see calligraphy and beautiful geometric patterns throughout the castle. 


In the 13th century the castle was reclaimed by the Catholic Kings of Spain. Under its new owners, Gothic and Renaissance designs were added to the castle. Adding these other designs to the already existing Islamic designs of the castle lead to an artistic style Calle Mudéjar. Although various original Islamic structures still exist in the Real Alcázar, many buildings were rebuilt or expanded during the Middle Ages. The palace now belongs to the local council of Seville and can be toured by the public. Check it out!




Fun Fact: The Game of Thrones was also filmed here for all you GOT fans out there!