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Re tsile go go tlhwafalela Botswana!

**We'll miss you Botswana! 

We have had an incredible trip, from host families to taking mokoros through the Okavango Delta. Through our knowledgable teachers and others we met along the way (conservation specialists, cheetah conservation, and multiple guid es), we learned about wildlife conservation in Botswana and created final cumulative presentations. One farewell dinner to go, and we board the plane tomorrow! Thank you for sharing your culture and wildlife with us Botswana, it's been an unforgettable experience!

Final Presentations

File_001 (1)
Elephant Migration
File_001 (1)
Hunting Ban
File_002 (1)
Endangered Species

Farewell Dinner  

Everyone with their host siblings!
Saying goodbye to Meipelo & KB
Watching the end of session slideshow

-Jing & Alaina