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Nanjing Presidential Palace

One field trip last week was to the Presidential Palace. The site has a long history, having been used as for provincial government buildings during the Qing Dynasty, the capitol of the Taiping Rebellion, and the seat of government during the Republican period. Most of the buildings standing today date from the 1920s or 30s.


7.30 gate

The group at the front gate!

Although the buildings are more or less built in a Western architectural style, they are laid out in successive courtyards more reminiscent of Chinese complexes. Today they house exhibits about the history of the site throughout its various stages. Some display historical artifacts such as typewriters from the Republic, while others have been restored as they likely appeared during the Qing Dynasty.


7.30 garden

Enjoying the gardens!

In addition to the buildings, there are some gardens and ponds within the walls of the compound as well. One of the most interesting spots at the Presidential Palace is a stone boat built in the Qing Dynasty. One emperor nicknamed the boat “Untethered Craft” because, being made of stone, it requires no rope or chain to keep it still.


7.30 boat

On the stone boat!