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More about Camp and Puerto Plata!

Thank you to Raegan +  Sienna for their guest blog post!


On day 10 of our service and leadership program in Santiago, DR, we had our second day of summer camp in Santa Maria with the students. We played games, ate snacks, and did arts and crafts. Every day we come home and have lunch with our host family and talk about our morning. After lunch, we took a bus ride to Puerto Plata. During the ride we listened to music and looked out the window at the rural areas of the Dominican Republic. When we got there, we took a tour of the Fort of San Felipe, looked at the view of the coast, soaked our toes in the water, and got to explore the town of Puerto Plata. The ride back was really eye opening because we got to compare the differences between the rural and urban areas of the DR and realize the privileges that we have.