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Meet your session 2 program leader... Douglas Pentland. :)

hello! I hope you're all doing well! My ame is Douglas Pentland and I will be one of the program leaders for Santiago DR Service and Leadership!

I have been living and working in Dallas TX for the last couple years teachings second grade and I love it! I am moving to Seattle WA and will be teaching first grade in the fall. In college I studied Critical Theory and Social Justice with a Critical Race Studies emphasis and worked in the Office of Community Engagement really trying to learn more about community service and community organizing.

I am suuuper excited for this special opportunity to be with all of the students and to explore the world but also our own journey of self reflection. Traveling to the DR and working with the community is an amazing and humbling experience. I grew up in a small town in Oregon so for me the chance to see the world on a larger scale was incredibly transformative. I can't wait to have thought provoking conversations and reflections together as a group or journaling by ourselves for us to learn about the world around us and also how we can best maneuver within it. 

Keep an open mind and an open heart. One of your main jobs, I think, will be to be a sponge. Soak it all up and let this experience change your life. Then take all that you learn and all that impacts you and go home to your communities and change lives there too. 


Safe travels! ✌🏻

~Douglas Pentland



Hiking over winter break..


Summer adventures  :)