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Last Day in Mexico City

There sure is a lot to do in Mexico City! We spent our final day in the capital making the most of our time there.

In the morning, we went to La Casa Azul, Frida Kahlo's old house, which is now a museum. The students had a great time looking at the paintings, rooms, and even the wardrobe of the iconic Mexican artist.

The highlight of the afternoon was going out on a boat through the canals of Xochimilco. We learned all about the chinampas--floating islands made of floating debris, fallen trees, and canal mud--that are used now in an incredibly efficient agriculture system, which yields 7 harvests per year! Our guide, Ricardo, treated us to a delicious meal on the boat and showed us around one of the chinampas. Not only did we learn a lot, we enjoyed being out on the water in the beautiful sunshine!


Frida and Diego lived in this house


Admiring the art


Ready to eat!


Boarding the boat


Ricardo teaching us about the chinampas