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Full Immersion

I'm excited to write today about my favorite event: The Polar Plunge. 

Every morning at 7:30 AM, a group of students head to the beach in their bathing suits and towels and they jump into the ocean! It's about 6o°F (16°C) each morning but that doesn't stop these brave kids! Originally we were planning on jumping in once a week, but we ended up loving it so much that we went in every day! 

There were 5 crazy ones who went in every single day, even on the two days we had to go in at 6:30 due to scheduling conflicts. At least we always had a beautiful view!

The Fab 5
Rokas and Gabriele from Lithuania, Ott and Kaupo from Estonia, and Indrikis from Latvia

I was very impressed with the dedication of all those who participated. Especially those who lost the game of Palka the night before and were dared to jump in with all their clothes on! ;) 

Enjoy this slideshow, showcasing the amount of people who went in each day:

It's a great example of how much these students have immersed themselves into this whole program. Whether learning in the classroom, researching in the city of Portland, creating intensive business models, or simply jumping into cold water, we are so proud of all their accomplishments!

I do think we should keep the tradition going...maybe we can get a group of people jumping into the Baltic Sea every morning at 7:30? Keep me updated! :)