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Hanyangdoseong, the Seoul City Wall

On July 25th we spent two hours doing some community service and learning about a beautiful piece of Seoul history. The Hanyangdoseong or the Seoul City Wall was built more than 600 years ago and consists of 8 gates (4 main gates and 4 small gates) with a total of 11 miles of wall. 

We started our day by learning about how the wall was built and surrounds the city.


Then we moved outside. Here are students walking the trail towards the Heunginjimun Gate.


Our community service was to clean up litter that had been left along the trail. This is our guide talking about murals that had been painted in the area to help bring people to the area to help promote interest in the wall.


As we walked through the area looking at the murals we experiences some really steap steps.


But now you can see the beautiful wall that has been maintained all these years.


Evidence of 2 dynasties working on the wall. Evidence is in the masonry. Stone work shows the differences in tool advancement and skills.



Necol Harness, Program Leader