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Flower Power

To start the day, we went out for breakfast at Coco Wah Wah. After our meal, we headed to one of our program leader's old school. The private school was called St. Joseph's and was located in Cape Town. We were given a tour of their facility, sitting through classes, hung out with the special needs students, and played with the k-7 kids during recess/lunch.

After our tour of the school we headed back to the CIEE building and started a seminar on power and privilege. The program leaders opened with several interactive activities which evolved into more in-depth conversations about what power and privilege looked within the context of the trip. We discussed how power is reflected through the school systems in the US. We talked about how different traits that we don't have control over affect our social standing in the world such as race, gender, economic class, etc.

After the seminar, we bought flowers from a local flower stand and handed them to strangers to brighten their day. We also painted sings for the flower stands to help them bring in business. To end day, we had to switch rooms around to further bond with others participants. 

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