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Flashback Friday - Okonomiyaki

Ohayou Gozaimasu! 

Your friendly, neighborhood, program leader Lauren is here again for another update! This time we're flashing back to the good old days of.... last Sunday! 

Our students were able to meet college (and a few high school) students. From our lodgings, the students were brought to the metropolitan building, which is a free place to view the entire city. Then, they were brought to a famous shrine, Meiji Jingu. After that, we had Okonomiyaki, a savory-type pancake. The students could have one topping of their choice, and it was all you can eat! The expert college students helped our students learn to cook on the 'teppan', a grill that is set into the table (kind of like hibachi). The kids ate their fill and had a lot of fun! 

IMG_0551 Nick, Jacob, Daniel and Nathaniel (hard to see) are talking with their two new Japanese friends

IMG_0551 Abby, Kayla, Atziri, Julia, and Francis are watching an expert make okonomiyaki

IMG_0551 Nathaniel, Oliver, and Nick are instructed on how to make proper okonomiyaki

IMG_0551 Annie, Simon and Fifi try MONJAyaki, a specific kind of okonomiyaki that was created in Tokyo 

IMG_0551 Persia, Omina, and Navi are waiting for their ingredients to arrive 

IMG_0551 Josh and Brandon are waiting for the okonomiyaki to be ready 

IMG_0551 Erwin, chopsticks at the ready, awaits for the okonomiyaki to be cut out

IMG_0551 Spencer uses the spatulas to turn the okonomiyaki, and Tahir looks on 
IMG_0551 Even surrounded by his new Japanese friends

IMG_0551 Emma and Audrey, hai - cheese! 

IMG_0551 Lauren, Julia, and Tahir are listening while Spencer instructs them on how to flip the Okonomiyaki, great job! 

That's it for this program leader today, stay tuned for another update! 

This is PL Lauren, signing out for now!