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Flamenco Workshop!

Today Global Discovery Seville students participated in a Flamenco dance workshop. This cultural activity granted students with a hands off, interactive experience to help them learn about the traditional Spanish dances. Everyone had a blast!

The students learned the basic dance moves of Flamenco, Sevillanas, and Rumba. Flamenco is a Spanish dance / music style consisting of dancers, guitar and singers. Sevillanas refers to a typical music and dance that is from Seville, Spain. Sevillanas is the common group dance for holidays and festivals in Seville, Spain.


Group shot! Long flowy skirts are an important part of the Flamenco and Sevillanas dances for women.




The hand techniques are a very important part of both Flamenco and Sevillanas!


Fans are also another essential part of the dance.


Our Flamenco workshop was full of laughter, smiling, and sweat! Now we can all return to the United States with some more dance skills to show off to our friends and family!

Tomorrow we are off on a three day trip to Granada! Stay tuned for lots of pictures of our trip! :)