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Exploring Cape Town

The students started today off with breakfast at a local cafe, Cocoa Wah Wah, just down the street from where we're staying. It was raining in the morning, so instead of starting with a walking tour of Cape Town, we went back to our classroom for an interesting lesson about teamwork and your individual role within a cooperative group.

After that, we got to tour part of the University of Cape Town and the city of Cape Town itself. We visited Cape Town's own "Central Park," as well as a street market and had lunch at the Eastern Market: a lively food bazaar. Our group got to see a few very important historical landmarks for the city and the country, such as the building where Nelson Mandela made his first public speech after his release from prison at Robbens Island in 1990. We finished our trip to the city at the Fort of Good Hope before heading back home to make sandwiches, which a few members of the group then distributed at a local soup kitchen and rehab center.

The day ended with dinner in the city at Hudson's Burger Joint, where we were a little overwhelmed by the amount of food they gave us, but it was incredible; the food here has been a big part of this experience. Overall, it was a fairly relaxing day and we're looking forward to everything else this program has to offer us in the coming weeks. Seeya tomorrow.  

- Jack and Rosa