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Dive, Dive, Dive!

Sara scuba training

Sara, Program Instructor (left), runs through skills with Session II on the fourth Open Water dive.

By John DeBuysser, Summer Program Leader

    Students are well on their way to becoming Open Water divers! Today marked the fourth of six "open water dives", and the staff can all say we were quite impressed with their development and how well they applied the skills they have learned. Soon they will have the skills to unlock a whole new underwater world to explore!


Amy, Program Instructor (right), works with a student on the Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent skill (CESA). It simulates an out-of-air scenario that requires immediate ascent to the surface. But the first rule of scuba diving applies: Never hold your breath! Students must kick to the surface and control their ascent rate all while blowing bubbles to account for the expansion of air as pressure decreases near the surface. And they excelled at it!

Sara dive group reef crest

Nina hones her buoyancy, allowing her to observe this Montastraea cavernosa coral more closely. 

Sara dive group reef crest

With skills session complete, its time to explore the reef crest! Sara leads her group to a depth of 30' / 10 m. In their buddy teams students see shoals of chromis, mounding corals, and lots of sponges!

Sara dive group reef crest Amy's group of divers observe reef topography firsthand. The reef crest gently slopes away to the fore reef around 45', and from there it falls down to the dark blue depths. Different kinds of corals and fish colonize different parts of the slope much like the stratification of jungle canopy communities!


Grunt group
Why do we go to so much trouble to breathe underwater? It is views like these that get us closer to an answer.

Stay tuned 'til next time!