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Day 3 in Gaborone!

 July 11,2017  

In the morning we finished up orientation and learned a little bit more about the academic portion of the trip, some program rules and setting up everyone’s cellphones!

We then headed to the Rainbow High School and students got to sit in on some classes (Physics, Chemistry, English and Computer Science)!

Chemistry Class - Form 4
Different Schools, Same Rules

We visited Form 4 classes, meaning they are one year away from attending University (that is, if they pass their year end exams).

Overview of Botswana Education System (if you’re interested):

Students begin with Standard 1-7 (the equivalent to grades in the US) starting at age 7. This is known as primary school. 

  • At the end of Standard 7, students are given a cumulative exam (Standard 1-7). It is pass/ fail and determines if you move onto
  • Form 1-3 (known as Junior Secondary School).  
    • You get one chance to pass it, if you fail, you do not continue on in your education, instead you are sent to vocational school to learn a craft and go into the workforce. (Talk about some pressure!) They used to allow you to take it twice, but not anymore. 
  • If you pass the standard 7 exam, you move onto Form 1-3. At the end of each year there is another cumulative exam, and again, if you fail you don't move on. 
  • Form 3-5 are called Senior Secondary School. 
  • If you pass form 5, you are able to attend the University of Botswana!

After the high school visit, we went to lunch at the Riverwalk, the local mall close to the University. We split into groups and some ate thai food at Simply Asia, chicken and wraps at Nando’s, burgers and salads at Mugg & Bean!

**(Jon met a student at the high school whose dad owns Nando’s)!

After lunch we did a CIEE version of the Amazing Race! Students were split into 4 groups, given clues around the city and asked to race to the finish line!




One of the challenges was to eat a mopane  worm and talk with a local person about the significance of the bug. Below is a picture of all the brave souls who tried some!


And the first to cross the finishing line….

Official "winners" but everyone had fun and learned a lot!

Afterwards we had a quick stop at the Three Dikgosi Monument which depicts three tribal chiefs in Botswana who played important roles in Botswana gaining its independence. 


Right next to the monument, there are additional statues with different Setswana words. The plagues explain their meanings and when the words were created. 



Long day...

-Jing & Alaina