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Day 19 Presentations at Peking University 在北大做报告

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We start our last day in China today. After having a full breakfast of eggs, steam buns, and other delicious foods, we met down in the hotel lobby at 8:40 am. Everyone was nicely dressed and preparing for their individual presentations. We left the hotel at 9 am to get onto the Subway and head to Peking University.

We arrived at Peking University at 9:30 am. As we sat in room 709, we prepared for our presentations making any last minuet changes we needed. Taojie started us off by talking about and comparing the air quality in Beijing and in Houston, Texas. He did a fantastic job and was a great start to our day of presentations. We finished up the presentations at 12:30pm. Abdul concluded our presentations with talking about how he would like to change the bike lanes in his home community and implement recycling and trash cans in his city.

We left the room 709 at 12:45 and started our tour around the Peking University campus. We started at a the sports complex and Wang Ke Zhen building. We had complications at the first gate into the University so we headed to another gate and entered through there. We finished our tour visiting the old water tower and the university's lake. We took the subway back to Xiang Zhu Ling restaurant for our goodbye lunch. We had a mix of drinks and dishes that were all fantastic. As we ate we talked and reminisced on our weeks here and all of the fantastic times we had together.

After lunch we sat around the tables and all laughed and applauded as Alex and Austin handed out the different awards we all earned. After lunch we revived the rest of the afternoon to our selves. Some played pool and others went to the mall. At 10 pm we were all back in our rooms and getting ready for our last night sleep in Beijing.





As students fly home to their respective cities in the US or China the next day this is our last post

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