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Day 12 Xian 西安

Please see the post from Leah

We woke up today at the metropark hotel and gathered up all our luggage downstairs to be taken to the train station — 西安北站. We had breakfast then drove to Xian's city wall. Our group had a choice of walking or biking across the wall, and I was one of the people that chose to walk. We explored along the wall, then returned to the bus to go to the tang bo art museum. Inside, we learned about various forms of art present throughout Chinese history. They included paper cutting, shadow puppets, porcelain models, paintings, and calligraphy. After the tour, we had the privilege of trying out Chinese calligraphy for ourselves. Of course our efforts at calligraphy could not match up to the teacher, but it was very  eye opening and exciting nonetheless. After the museum we went next door for lunch where I almost drowned in my tea. Then we boarded a high speed train 高铁🚄back to Beijing. The train traveled around 300 km per hour, and we returned back to the Vienna hotel at 7.